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Our solutions

At NewMedia Professional Services we work together with the leading companies to provide you with the most advanced and innovative solutions in the market

We are leaders in IT solutions

Manage your datacenteryour endpoint devicesyour email servicesyour identity and security with us

Our services

In NewMedia Professional Services we have been serving our clients with the most innovative and strategic technologies in the market for more than 15 years

Our technical team consists of highly qualified engineers and consultants with strong technical, organizational and business knowledge

NewMedia Professional Services offers support with highly qualified consultants who have a real and deep knowledge of the products

We accompany you on your journey towards digital transformation so you can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud model with agility, security, flexibility and performance

We specify, design and build a complete, secure and resilient solution to face new threats that challenge the security of your data

We offer you the possibility of outsourcing a part of the management of your IT systems, both in infrastructure and security devices, on premise or in the cloud

We can provide you with different types of training, with fully certified courses, tailored training and with the guarantee of the transfer of skills in your project

About us

We are a Spanish company specialized in providing corporate IT services and solutions. We offer consultancy services, IT support, information security and systems administration. We are also specify, design and build global, innovative and strategic technological solutions for our customers.

At NewMedia Professional Services we have been accompanying our customers for more than 15 years throughout the life cycle of their IT systems, collaborating with them from the planning and design stage of architectures to their deployment and exploitation. We could also offer you a fully customized 24x7x365 support.

We are going to help you make the necessary transformation to face the challenges of the New Digital age.

Customized solutions

We offer solutions for the study, selection, installation, operation, maintenance and development of security and performance optimization for our clients’ systems and corporate communications infrastructures.

Customer oriented

The principles of our service are responsiveness, availability and flexibility. We take care of giving an immediate response to the production needs and emergency incidents related to your business.

Seriousness and commitment

These qualities, combined with the extensive expertise of our team, allow us to offer you the most appropriate service to meet the needs of your business. Our engineers and consultants are our most important value.

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