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In an increasingly complex work environment, it’s impossible to be an expert on every element within an IT infrastructure. NewMedia offers you a practical and cost-effective method to gain access to specialized knowledge and support. Focus on what is really relevant to your business.

At NewMedia Professional Services we cover all the necessary services to accompany our ccustomers in the whole life cycle of their IT systems. From systems integration to regulatory compliance through auditing and giving support to the company.

At NewMedia Professional Services we have been accompanying our clients for more than 15 years throughout the life cycle of their IT systems, collaborating from the design of architectures to the deployments, exploitation and support 24x7x365 of them.


Manage all aspects of corporate IT can be a real challenge, which can distract you from your core objectives. Check why NewMedia consulting services can become an important asset in your IT strategy.

As IT consultants, our role is to accompany and support your company from the beginning of the commitment to the end. We will also collaborate to improve profitability and productivity, as well as generate tools for adapting to change and minimizing the future risks.

Our consultants are professionals with extensive knowledge and solid practical experience, and they are always up to date with new and changing technologies and functionalities to ensure that your experience remains up to date.


In an increasingly complex work environment, it is impossible to be an expert on each component within your IT infrastructure. At NewMedia we offer a practical and cost-effective method to gain access to specialized knowledge and support that allows you to focus on what is really relevant to your organization or business.

NewMedia offers you low-cost standard support packages that complement any existing vendor support. We have highly qualified consultants, who have extensive experience and a real and deep knowledge about the products.

Our support service can increase the capabilities of your own IT team or, where appropriate, manage a fully cloud-based service on behalf of your organization. We can also offer “provisional staff” to help you with any unexpected or sudden departure of staff or during vacation periods.


Cloud services can offer you computer services through a network, usually Internet. These services can be computing, storage, virtualization, security, ect, and can provide you with a high degree of automation, rapid mobilization of resources, high adaptability to meet varying demands, as well as advanced virtualization and a flexible price .

At NewMedia Professional Services we can help you to harmonize your IT operations in the cloud, which will allow you to give a fast response to your company’s changes by reducing costs and technological risks.

We accompany you on your journey towards digital transformation so you can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud model with agility, security, flexibility and performance, whether public, private or hybrid cloud.

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Identity & security

At NewMedia we can specify, design and build a complete identity management solution to simplify and ensure user provisioning and access control through your IT systems. You can automate many of the tasks related to user account management and access control.

Likewise, today there is still a need for antivirus solutions on endpoint devices, as well as the protection of gateways and the mail server, as well as other servers. The days when computer malware wanted to destroy your systems are long gone. Now they steal your identity and hijack your data.

You can protect your network, your systems, but when staff leave the building or are working remotely, the possibility of a security breach increases. That is why it is important to protect all the devices that are used to access the corporate network.

Managed services

Managed services are a vital ally to give your company’s IT staff more time to focus on innovation and reduce unexpected costs. Managed services provide you with advantages, provide your business with the support and space it needs to improve.

The specialization, measurement and control techniques and the high efficiency required by the management of technological assets is not always at your disposal. NewMedia can effectively cover this need for you and free your organization from this heavy management burden.

We offer you the possibility of outsourcing the management of your IT systems, either completely or a part of them, both in the infrastructure and security fields, whether on premise or in the cloud, so you can dedicate yourself to what is really important.


En NewMedia podemos proporcionarte diferentes tipos de formación, a traves de cursos totalmente certificados, con formaciónes a medida y con la garantía de la adecuada transferencia de habilidades y conocimientos.

La manera más fácil y más aceptada de demostrar que dispones de las habilidades y el conocimiento necesarios es a través de una certificación. Obtener una certificación conduce a más oportunidades, mejores salarios y una mayor satisfacción en el trabajo, así como un aumento en tus habilidades y capacidad de trabajo es lo que trae éxito.

Si prefieres un aprendizaje programado, con un instructor con experiencia, en vivo y que puede responder a tus preguntas, o necesita una solución para que puedas aprender sobre la marcha, NewMedia tiene una opción de formación para adaptarse a tus necesidades y tu horario.