The smartest approach
for data management


Data is currently the most important digital asset of companies, but over time the management of them has become more expensive, and has become a headache for IT teams.

Mass data fragmentation (MDF) is the growing proliferation of data in different locations, silos, clouds, ect. This prevents organizations from fully performing them.

IT operations such as backups, shared use, development / test environments, analytical data, ect, are being carried out in completely separate infrastructures that do not share data or resources, are not seen, and a central control method is not available.

There may even be cases of “silos within silos”, for example, it is not uncommon for an organization to use several backup tools from different providers for different data sets.

Cohesity solves this problem from a revolutionary approach, allowing you to consolidate your backups, shared files, object stores, test / development environment data and analysis in a single web-scale data management platform.

Solve the massive fragmentation of consolidating data on a single platform. Make your backup data productive for rapid application development, regulatory compliance, security and analysis. Revolutionize the management of your data.

Cohesity has been named visionary in the Gartner magic quadrant 2019
for data center and recovery backup solutions

How does Cohesity solve it?

With the use of web-scale design principles that revolutionize an IT area that has not seen developments in decades

Hyperconverged platform

Workloads, data and applications on a single platform

Save up to 70% TCO compared to traditional silos

Distributed file system

Multiprotocol (NFS, SMB, S/3)

Deduplication, indexing and global search

Software defined

Workloads, data and applications on a single platform

«Pay as you grow». Incremental investment

Native cloud integration

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, any S/3

Data tiering, replicación, archivado, backup, dev/test

Unified Global Management

Real time dashboards

Operational information with Machine Learning

Native application support

Run applications directly from Cohesity

Marketplace de 3rd party apps

Cohesity Advantages

Extract more value from your data with applications. Optimizes storage, streamlines the development / testing process and ensures compliance.

Reduce your TCO

Replace expensive silos infrastructure with the ease of pay-as-you-grow

Simplify the management

Control all secondary operations through a single GUI and simple policies.

Mitigate risk

Ensure compliance with your data and the resilience and resilience of them against failures.