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Micro Focus® (now OpenText™) is one of the leading software companies worldwide. It has more than 40 years of history dedicated to developing, selling and supporting business software solutions. OpenText™ y Micro Focus® has a global presence in 50 countries and more than 40,000 customers worldwide that trust them.

Thanks to the OpenText™ and Micro Focus® application ecosystem, we provide our customers with the best business software portfolio on the market, with scalable solutions and integrated analytical capabilities, fully oriented to meet the current demand for modernization, optimization and transformation seeking simplicity, ease of management and understanding of them.

At NewMedia Professional Services we put at your disposal a team of highly qualified professional consultants, with solid practical experience, and kept up to date with new and changing functionalities to ensure you have the best possible experience.

According to Fortune 99 of the 100 most important companies in the world
use OpenText™ and Micro Focus® software solutions

OpenText ZENworks Suite

In your day to day you have to manage hundreds or thousands of devices and applications, numerous assets and an endless list of software and security patches. All this in an environment where employees constantly change and send new requests every day. ZENworks Suite is the solution you need.

The ZENworks suite offers you the following solutions:

ZENworks Configuration Management

ZENworks Asset Management

ZENworks Patch Management

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption

Micro Focus Desktop Containers

ZENworks Service Desk

2FA with Advanced Authentication Framework

OpenText GroupWise

With GroupWise you can offer your employees a series of solid tools for contact management, task management, calendars and email from wherever location they are.

The same goes for IT teams, which will get a simplified, web-based administration interface that will allow them to monitor, manage and make things happen on the fly.

These are some of the main features that GroupWise can offer you:

Wander while you work

Dynamic flexibility

Built for the modern organization

Scheduling and task management system

Contact management system

Easy administration

OpenText Filr

Allow your users to access all their shared network files and folders using any type of device and from any location. Your users will be able to access the files as if they were in the office. Secure file sharing with Micro Focus® Filr means more secure data and protected users.

Being a web-based solution, Filr allows us to offer all staff access to their files and folders from anywhere, dramatically increasing the ability to work remotely to all staff, increasing productivity exponentially.

Main features of Micro Focus® Filr:

Take back control

From any device

Leverage existing file servers

2FA with Advanced Authentication Framework

Bring the office everywhere

Easy integration with OES, OWS and directory services

Ease of use for all

OpenText iPrint

OpenText iPrint is the only solution on the market with the capacity to manage all printing processes, from various office locations and from any device. With iPrint you will allow your users to use their current printers from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Micro Focus iPrint connects all workstations and mobile devices in your organization to available printers. Set up a self-service printing environment where employees can print on demand. I forgot about the cumbersome driver installation:

Save on printing expenses

Simplified enterprise printing

Leverage your current directory service

Email print jobs to any iPrint printer

OpenText iPrint Desktop

Certificate management

Works with legacy printers

Works in a heterogeneous environment

Open Enterprise Server

OpenText Open Enterprise Server 23.4 offers you all the business-class networking, archiving and printing services that companies have trusted for years. OES provides valuable benefits that include energy savings, virtualization, manageability and interoperability.

OES 23.4 provides several new features that reduce administrative complexities and provide access to file and storage services, regardless of eDirectory as a source of identity.

Main features of Micro Focus® OES:

CIFS / SMB Stack improvements

NCP Stack Improvements

Domain Services for Windows

NSS File Stack Improvements

Fresh UI

Cloud Integrated Storage

Business Continuity Clustering Install Pattern

NetIQ Advanced Authentication

A key component to protect your environment is to guarantee authentication at all user entry points. It is common for organizations to have multiple infrastructure and authentication policies. With NetIQ you will get a single framework that covers all your authentication needs, providing you with consistent security, simplified administration and reliable policy enforcement.

Through its open architecture, NetIQ Advanced Authentication assures you that you will never find yourself in a stalemate. In addition to supporting the latest interfaces (OAuth, SAML, RADIUS), its FIDO-compatible integrations allow you to maintain a standards-based stance, while implementing the latest authentication methods, and will allow you to manage from a console unique policies, which lowers costs and increases security.

Main features of Micro Focus® NetIQ Advanced Authenticatión:

Multi-location support

Multi-tenancy support

High availability: redundancy and load balancing

Advanced authentication for Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

FIPS 140-2 Inside

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