Cybersecurity evolved


Sophos is a company that has constantly evolved to face the new challenges in cybersecurity and that currently protects more than 400,000 companies in more than 150 countries against the most advanced cyber threats.

With native solutions for the cloud and with an improved AI, they are supported by SophosLabs. They have the ability to adapt and evolve to protect your endpoint devices and your networks from new tactics and unknown techniques that cybercriminals use today.

Trusted by entities such as SE Labs, MRG Effitas, Gartner or Forrester (among others), Sophos has developed a combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as Deep Learning and endpoint detection and response, which make its solutions unrivaled in the News for the protection of your IT systems.

Sophos has been named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019
for unified threat management

SOPHOS Intercept X

With the aim of stopping the widest variety of threats, Sophos Intercept X applies a comprehensive defense approach to endpoint protection, rather than relying on a primary security technique. This is “layered security”, a combination of base techniques and next-gen leaders. Intercept X combines the most valued protection against malware and exploits in the market with integrated endpoint detection and response (EDR).

The experts agree. Intercept X Advanced has consistently achieved the best results in independent tests and protection analyst reports for endpoint devices.

Los expertos están de acuerdo. Intercept X Advanced ha conseguido sistemáticamente los mejores resultados en pruebas independientes e informes de analistas de protección para dispositivos endpoint.

The future belongs to those who evolve.

Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall gives you unprecedented visibility over your network, users and applications directly from its control center. It also offers you the possibility of generating detailed reports in an integrated way, as well as the option of adding «Sophos iView» to centralize the reports of multiple firewalls.

All of this thanks to its Sandstorm, IA with Deep Learning safe space technology, prevention of maximum performance exploits, web protection with dual AV, JavaScript emulation and SSL inspection, and its advanced protection against threats and botnets.

Control the state of the network, identify infected systems and isolate infections automatically thanks to its Sophos Security Heartbeat ™ technology Cand its interconnection with the other Sophos protection solutions.

Next-gen firewall evolved.

Sophos Cloud Optix

Automatically detect your company’s resources in the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform cloud environments. Provide your team with the ability to respond to security risks and remedy them in minutes, with a complete visualization of the network topology and continuous monitoring of resources.

Raise your standards without increasing the template by automatically detecting changes in cloud environments in real time. Monitor compliance with custom templates or ready to use for standards such as CIS, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Manage and track compliance to ensure that important tasks are never lost, even when publishing a new version, through third-party integrations with tools such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

Observe everything. Protect everything.

Sophos Central

Sophos Central allows you to manage all your Sophos products from a unified console. Discover how Sophos solutions work together to dramatically reduce your exposure to threats while freeing up the workload of your IT department. The current attacks are more coordinated than ever, with Sophos Central now your defenses will be too.

The revolutionary Sophos Security Heartbeat ™ technology ensures communication between Sophos endpoint protection solutions and your Sophos firewalls. Starting from a simple but effective idea, it will provide you with greater protection against advanced threats and will allow you to respond to security incidents quickly, easily and efficiently. You may wonder why it had not occurred to anyone before.

Synchronized security against coordinated attacks.

Locate threats quickly

Advanced threat indicators, such as suspicious network traffic, are instantly shared between firewalls and endpoint protection systems in order to detect and prevent attacks.

Simplify the research process

The active identification of the systems in danger shares names, users and routes of equipment between the endpoint devices and the firewalls, which will allow you to take the necessary measures in an agile and efficient way.

Minimize the impact of threats

When the firewall receives the communication that a post has been infected, it automatically isolates it from the rest, preventing lateral spread. Meanwhile endpoint protection stops and eliminates malicious software. Save time and money thanks to the automatic response to incidents.