The path to IT transformation


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a modern and modular operating system that helps simplify tasks in a multimodal IT environment. You will make your IT infrastructure along with your clouds efficient, while providing an attractive platform for your IT department.

Through the unification of its traditional and software-defined infrastructure. The “common base code” SUSE Linux Enterprise platform helps eliminate the isolation of some cores from IT systems while linking traditional infrastructure and software-defined infrastructure.

This allows simple migration of application workloads, improves system management and facilitates the adoption of containers. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a multimodal operating system that will facilitate the IT transformation in the software-defined era.

SUSE Manager

SUSE® Manager provides top-notch open source infrastructure management features that allow the IT department to reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets, allowing it to fully manage Linux systems with a single centralized solution.

SUSE® Manager offers automated and cost-effective software management capabilities, assets, patches and configurations, as well as provision of systems and monitoring capabilities. These capabilities allow you to easily manage your Linux system deployments in physical, virtual and cloud environments. In this way, your organization can reduce the total amount of ownership, ensure the security of the systems and improve compliance and quality of service.

The rise of multimodal IT

SUSE Cloud Application Platform

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a modern application delivery platform that is used to offer an advanced experience of native cloud application developer in Kubernetes: the de facto standard for enterprise-level container organization.

Eliminate manual configuration and help accelerate innovation through faster application marketing. Developers can self-service and migrate applications to the cloud in minutes instead of weeks, without leaving the IT guidelines, and without having to turn to your IT teams to perform manual configuration at every step.

SUSE Enterprise Storage

For most companies, the demand for data storage is growing much faster than the average storage price is reduced. This causes companies to be forced to drastically increase the budget to meet their demand for data. But there is an alternative: SUSE Enterprise Storage. This software-defined intelligent storage solution, with Ceph technology, allows you to transform your company’s storage infrastructure to reduce costs while providing unlimited expandability.

SUSE Enterprise Storage storage solutions offer a unique software-defined unified storage cluster that provides applications with unified storage of objects, blocks and files designed with unlimited expandability, from terabytes to petabytes and without single points of error to maximize system recovery and application availability after hardware failure.