UDS Enterprise

Deploy virtual desktops and applications Windows and Linux
Remotely access physical Windows, Linux and macOS computers


The virtual desktops infrastructure (VDI) allows to store all the programs, applications and user data on a remote server, which can be on-premise, hosted in a private, public or hybrid cloud. Users gain freedom and mobility, since they can access all their tools from anywhere, at any time and using any device.

IT administrators can manage all their infrastructure centrally, simplifying administration to the maximum, customizing virtual desktops and applications according to the requirements of each user group and increasing the security of the platform, while achieving substantial cost savings . With UDS Enterprise you will take full advantage of all these benefits.

What is UDS Enterprise?

UDS Enterprise is a cross-platform connection broker for:

Windows and Linux desktop virtualization

Windows and Linux application virtualization

Remote access to physical Windows, Linux and macOS computers

This VDI solution allows you to create a fully customized digital workplace platform by combining all the above options in a single console.

It is the only all-in-one, all-inclusive VDI solution. No licenses. Subscriptions by user sections.

What is UDS Enterprise for?

Secure access to the workplace (Teleworking / Hybrid Work / eLearning)

  • 24×7
  • From anywhere
  • With any device

Centralized management of the entire digital workplace environment from a single console

  • Data and system security guaranteed
  • Automatic Updates
  • Profile based deployment
  • Standardization of workplaces
  • Configurable access through calendars
  • Task scheduling

Unbeatable user experience

Performance adapted to each profile

Technical characteristics

Advanced security features

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Zero Trust
  • End-to-end encryption

Open Source Base

  • Compatibility with any technology
  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Quick and easy migration from other solutions

Automatic and intelligent overflows between any platform

  • On-premise
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud
  • Multicloud: AWS, Azure, Huawei Cloud, VMware Cloud Director, OpenStack…
  • DaaS: Fully managed VDI service

Personalized support service

  • Possibility of hiring 24×7 service
  • Spanish and English
  • Extensive documentation in both languages


Allows you to choose the most appropriate hypervisor, virtualization platform or hyperconvergence system, or enable several simultaneously


Allows you to assign virtual desktops to users from multiple sources simultaneously and with unlimited configurations


Allows connection to virtual desktops or physical resources using multiple protocols simultaneously, including high graphical demand protocols